Saturday, 23 October 2010

Foxy Girl

Here she is. Theres two of her the other has her tail in front. More work than I thought. She comes from a child like image from a book that was never made. Would like to try more amalgams of the human/fauna mash. Shes red tweed, vintage print cotton, Flesh felt and charcoal grey tweed like fabric. Hope you like. ZeusLabel

The folks from Zeuslabel felt a touch of there name sake with heavy rains filling the canvas roof with 30 cm of water, Still the peps showed up (to the oct 23 market) and seemed to be enjoy the show, Had a few new design based mainly round the fox theme. Introducing!! Fox Girl see next post and fox trophy. Being Having fun with felt this week so with the help from my friend@s crochet skills felted a neck warmer. Can be seen in front left in mustard. Ah also two little Fly agaric pin cushions. Will get them up here when the weather brings forth some good photographic light. See you later.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Here the pics from last week's market in Nottingham city. That's about 5 that I have done. Only now am I get to know the rhythm of the day, and what to take. Good to see some old and new face's. You can also see what new fun I've been get up to as my alluring 1950 card woman is shown crochet. Don't know were this is going but it fills the cold nights. later-s.